What are Your Biggest Concerns About PDGM?

 In Improving Satisfaction Scores, Preparing for the Future

A shorter list of primary diagnoses. Low thresholds on therapy visit. New comorbidity coding. Changes in LUPAs. Rebalancing patient mixes for better reimbursement models.

So many aspects of PDGM can impact your business, challenging the way you deliver the best patient care and still manage to keep your doors open.

A recent survey by Home Health Care News showed “staffing” was considered a top challenge with about 50% of participants saying it was their Number One concern.

What keeps you up at night about the radical changes PDGM will bring in just a few months?

Many of our home health colleagues are focused on operational changes. But few are thinking about the communications and change management necessary with patients, families, staff and referrers. Are those aspects on your radar yet?

Please take five minutes to complete a survey about your views on the impact of PDGM on your business. If you participate, you’ll get a copy of the survey findings. In addition, in return for your time, we’re offering one free hour of consulting with our communications and marketing gurus.

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