Thriving in a Highly Competitive Market

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Transcend Strategy Group’s surveys of over 18,000 family healthcare decision makers have shown that the public has a highly generic view of hospice providers. Many believe hospice care is a government service and don’t know there may be multiple providers in their community – so they don’t think about having a choice. And even if they do know multiple providers exist, fewer than 10 percent can typically name a single brand name correctly when answering unaided recall questions.

Imagine the confusion if a community has more than 25 competing agencies, as is the case in north central Indiana. How does a particular provider stand out from such a throng of competitors?
Special guest Mark Murray, long-time President & CEO of Center for Hospice Care in the South Bend area, joins host Stan Massey (lead consultant of Transcend) to discuss how Mark’s agency has not only survived but thrived in a very crowded and competitive market.
In their conversation, you’ll discover sound advice about differentiating your agency through diversifying your services, providing value that’s meaningful to your audiences, as well as marketing more strategically and consistently than your competitors.
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