Results: 26% Gain in Hospice ADC

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Centrica Care Navigators


After decades of operating as Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan, this agency worked with Transcend to rebrand because they had added services upstream from hospice. The new brand of Centrica Care Navigators engaged patients and families earlier, leading to more hospice admissions.

Census Increase Stat
Centrica Care Navigators

Guided by research that showed 73% of consumers highly value a broader continuum of care from hospice providers, Centrica Care Navigators promises expert guidance and support throughout the entire journey of a serious illness. The result is keeping more patients along their continuum, with conversion to hospice care as early as appropriate.


Transcend was able to really showcase who we are as an agency down to our core – 'Expert care, centered on you.' We were also able to gain efficiencies in our family caregiver campaign (to build census) because of the foresight of the Transcend team.”

Denise King, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Centrica Care Navigators

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