Results: Win Talent, Cut Turnover

Willamette Valley - recruitment
Willamette Valley - recruitment
Willamette Valley - recruitment

Recruitment Strategies Overcome Nursing Shortage

Transcend helped a Willamette Valley, Oregon, senior care provider quickly fill open nursing and CNA positions in a highly competitive market. Supported by retention strategies, these new employees bucked historical turnover trends.

Willamette Valley - recruitment map
Willamette Valley

After a successful referral building strategy with Transcend unlocked new growth, census and caseloads grew fueling the need for more nurses and CNAs. To quickly fill the positions with the best talent possible, Transcend uncovered key differentiators that set the provider apart and created space to build uniqueness in recruitment and retention strategies.


The data and expertise of Transcend shifted our thinking and opened our eyes. And, the attention to detail throughout cemented our confidence – you all know what you’re doing and we need to trust you."

Denise King, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Centrica Care Navigators

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