Combating Burnout in Home Care: New Insights to Retain Staff

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Combatting Burnout in Home Care: New Insights to Retain Staff

Burnout poses a major challenge for home care providers. It’s the greatest turnover driver for the nursing workforce, who we’ve found are twice as likely as other healthcare workers to cite it as their motivation to leave.

As a predicted national shortage of hundreds of thousands of nurses looms over the next few years, providers will be fighting for a shrinking pool of talent – making it all the more critical to have robust burnout prevention strategies that actually work.

Our latest research sheds light on the complex drivers of nursing burnout, along with how to effectively combat it in its many forms. The research highlights the need for a dynamic and tailored approach to addressing burnout, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll gain deeper insights into the causes of burnout – the way it develops throughout home care nursing careers, how it uniquely affects different employees, and the factors that most influence the severity of its impact on well-being, engagement and turnover intent.

Access this in-depth report for actionable insights to better support your team, improve well-being and reduce turnover intent.

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What’s Inside: 

  • Specific recommendations to combat burnout in its many forms
  • The most damaging burnout causes that drive employees to quit
  • How burnout varies by nursing roles, tenure and other factors
  • Strategies to improve supervisor and team communication
  • Ways to help nurses’ workload, including solutions to cut charting time
  • The right training for a burnout-resistant staff