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Transcend’s Answer

Bluegrass Care Navigators
Bluegrass Care Navigators

Armed with results from community research, Transcend created the Bluegrass Care Navigators umbrella brand, along with a highly consistent and cohesive brand family for all the organization’s service lines. The corporate name invites patients, families and referrers to consider the organization as a resource for guiding and providing the right care at the right place at the right time. The consistent and seamless brand architecture enhances patient conversion and retention along their entire continuum of care.

Hospice Care
Bluegrass Hospice Care

“Hospice of the Bluegrass” had a strong track record of service stretching nearly 40 years and considerable brand equity among the community. Consumer research showed a preference for keeping a reference to their home state in the brand name. Staff surveys showed a desire to retain “Bluegrass” as part of the brand. Thus “Bluegrass Hospice Care” met all these criteria while tying to the new umbrella brand structure.

Grief Care
Bluegrass Grief Care

Under the prior branding, grief support was positioned as a valuable service from Hospice of the Bluegrass, with the focus being their Center for Grief and Education. With the new brand architecture, Bluegrass Grief Care received a separate but cohesive identity to encompass its broad range of services. In addition to grief support for families of hospice patients, Bluegrass Grief Care is a notable grief resource for the entire community, including schools, workplaces and civic organizations.

Extra Care
Bluegrass Extra Care

This service line provides highly personalized private-duty nursing and support wherever a patient needs care. Its brand was established as “Extra Care” but without the consistent tie-in to the “Bluegrass” family that’s now in effect.

Palliative Care
Bluegrass Palliative Care

Confusion exists for the difference between palliative care and hospice care. Since palliative care is appropriate long before life’s final months, this provider wanted to separate the hospice and palliative care brands. They originally created a separate brand called “Palliative Care Center of the Bluegrass.” By changing the brand to “Bluegrass Palliative Care,” it still maintained separation but made “Bluegrass” the consistent brand name and “Palliative Care” the service descriptor – classic umbrella brand architecture.

Transitional Care
Bluegrass Transitional Care

Collaborative healthcare partners operated Kentucky Appalachian Transition Services (KATS) to help patients with certain illnesses transfer from hospital to home – then receive at-home support to prevent a return to the hospital. Bluegrass Care Navigators included this service among their operations and rebranded it to be consistent with the rest of their brand architecture and other service lines.