Earlier referrals begin at home

Double LOS by empowering consumer choice

The Overview

Center for Hospice Care, the original provider of hospice services in South Bend, Indiana, was stagnant in census and LOS due to more than 25 competitors in the region and a highly fragmented market.

The Challenge

Research revealed that consumers had very low awareness that multiple hospices served their community and were uneducated on the differences to drive choosing a preferred provider and reasons to engage with them earlier.

Transcend’s Answer

We refreshed an outdated brand and launched a multi-media campaign, “Choices to make the most of life.” Messaging emphasized Center for Hospice Care’s expertise in quality of life and encouraged families to contact the hospice directly for self-referrals.

The Results

Over the next four years, admissions from family/self referrals more than doubled while LOS and patient days more than tripled.

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