Escalating outreach for earlier engagement  

Driving more referrals for the underserved

The Overview

With shifting demographics and a need to accelerate outreach to underserved populations, Transcend helped Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care (CHPC) educate its community about the benefits of hospice and the reasons to call sooner for self-referrals.

The Challenge

Hospice and palliative care are complicated concepts to communicate. In studies with family healthcare decision makers across the country, people frequently associate hospice with imminent death, often causing patients and families to avoid or delay seeking hospice services.

When compared to peers in other states, CHPC was falling short in serving area residents who were eligible for hospice care.

Hospice Utilization

Transcend’s Answer

To ignite earlier inquiries and referrals, Transcend created a multi-media campaign with the theme Beside You When It Matters Most. By personalizing the benefits of hospice care through compelling family stories, the campaign brought a human element and relatability to the messaging.

Consistent messaging communicating the value of hospice and palliative care for patients and families and the reasons to engage with CHPC sooner were highlighted throughout the redesigned website and new print materials.

The Results

Prior to the start of the new marketing campaign, testimonial-style radio ads had been running to increase brand awareness. Consistent messaging via print, radio, outdoor and digital media amplified the message and has shown success in growing census, LOS and revenue.

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