Differentiating from growing competition

Combining factual and emotional appeals


The Overview

Hospice of Northwest Ohio needed to further position their organization as the leading provider of hospice care in its region with the most expertise. Transcend’s hospice marketing strategies helped distinguish Hospice of Northwest Ohio from a growing sea of competitors.

The Challenge

Transcend’s research during the past 20 years shows that communities typically have a very generic view of hospice. Many decision makers don’t realize that more than one hospice provider serves their community and that all hospices are not the same. Hospice of Northwest Ohio needed to educate their community on important differences their organization provides that separates their care from other options.

Case Study Challenge

Transcend’s Answer

Our team created an integrated marketing campaign with the theme, “Experience More from the Most Experienced.” Elements explained that while many regard hospice as settling for less, the right provider can actually help patients and families experience more during life’s final months. Data points were included to highlight the organization’s measurable differences, including years of specialized hospice care and high family satisfaction rates.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio “Experience More” campaign tv spot

The Results

During the first six months after this campaign launched in 2018, census for Hospice of Northwest Ohio increased 14 percent, ALOS gained 10 days and MLOS grew by 11 days.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio Statistics 1
Hospice of Northwest Ohio Statistics 2
Hospice of Northwest Ohio Statistics 3
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