Competing in a crowded market

Spotlight on expertise and responsiveness


The Overview

Northern Illinois Hospice aimed to grow census and market share in a very fragmented region. Transcend helped the organization educate their community on the advantages of choosing the market’s local provider with the most expertise in hospice care.

The Challenge

With more than a dozen hospice providers serving the Rockford, Illinois, area, no provider had dominant market share or a clear marketing position. Additional competitors continued to enter the market from out-of-state, and some had ties to skilled nursing facilities or hospitals in the region. How can an organization get a leg up on getting hospice referrals in such an environment?

Challenge Pie Chart

Transcend’s Answer

Instead of targeting professional healthcare referrers, Transcend created a campaign that spoke directly to family healthcare decision makers to attract self-referrals. Northern Illinois Hospice was the first hospice licensed in Illinois and had nearly 40 years’ experience serving the community. Research showed consumers equate “local” with “responsive” – a trait they highly value. A campaign theme of “First in caring for life’s final months” underscored Northern Illinois Hospice’s expertise, compassion and responsiveness with a message to insist on them as the provider of choice.

Northern Illinois Hospice “First in Caring” campaign tv spot


The Results

After launching its consumer-driven campaign, Northern Illinois Hospice experienced an 88 percent gain in census and 19-day increase in ALOS despite growing competition.

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