Local agency completes transition from generalist to specialist firm

RP Marketing to Transcend

Tapping 25 years of healthcare and hospice experience, local agency repositions to focus on senior care

TOLEDO, OH, November 18, 2020 – RP Marketing, a 27-year-old Toledo-area branding, marketing and public relations agency, has completed its transition from a generalist firm working across manufacturing, foodservice, healthcare and the arts, to become Transcend Strategy Group. The consultancy is now focused on generating growth for senior care providers, technology companies, and products and services that help seniors live their most fulfilling lives.

“With a rapidly growing senior population, unparalleled innovation opportunities and this team’s track record of consistently generating revenue for our clients, the business rationale for going all in on Transcend is quite clear,” said Stephanie Johnston, president and CEO of Transcend. “But, even more compelling is the tremendous good we can do for seniors and their families. As someone caring for older family members myself, this is way more than a business. This focus is deeply personal. And, I’m honored to get to do such meaningful work alongside such an incredibly talented team.”

The team’s passion and dedication have translated into growth. Since April 2019, Transcend Strategy Group has grown more than 150 percent and is on track for similar growth in 2021. More importantly, their clients’ businesses have grown. Clients who have followed Transcend’s advice typically see a 100 to 400 percent increase in topline revenue.

Roots as pioneer of direct-to-consumer hospice marketing

To convey its all-in focus on senior care, RP Marketing tapped into its heritage for its new name. For nearly 20 years, RP Marketing’s Transcend Hospice Marketing Group division has been pioneering direct-to-consumer marketing and growth strategies for hospice providers.

Historic Transcend Logo

“Our roots in senior care are deep, dating back two decades. We built our expertise in the sector by digging into our clients’ challenges and identifying solutions to grow their business,” said Stan Massey, partner and chief branding officer for Transcend.

Key to clients’ success has been educating consumers about the value of hospice and palliative care, a novel concept in 2001.

“Our first hospice client, Hospice of Northwest Ohio, was an innovator in hospice marketing and experienced significant gains in census and length of stay over the years, ultimately realizing a 10-to-one return on their marketing investment. Much of that success has been attributed to educating patients and families about hospice and reducing the stigma about care in the months prior to death,” Massey said.

For nearly 20 years, Transcend has broadened its scope and worked with more than 45 senior care organizations – from hospices to skilled nursing providers to insurance companies to technology companies – across the country.

Honoring RP’s foundation

“We honor and continue to build on the foundation set by Martha Vetter, founder of R/P Marketing Public Relations and Transcend Hospice Marketing Group” said Johnston. “Her passion for applying research-driven insights to inform strategy continues to be at the heart of our work, even as we add new solutions, competencies and technologies to our skillset.”

“Her passion for applying research-driven insights to inform strategy continues to be at the heart of our work, even as we add new solutions, competencies and technologies to our skillset.”

Vetter, a well-respected leader in the marketing and public relations community, sold R/P Marketing Public Relations and Transcend Hospice Marketing Group to Stephanie Johnston in September 2017. Prior to purchasing the firm, Johnston held leadership and marketing roles in Fortune 500 and marketing agency settings.

About Transcend Strategy Group

Transcend Strategy Group (transcend-strategy.com) is focused on helping seniors live their most fulfilling lives by empowering organizations who support quality care. Serving hospice, home health, private duty, memory care, skilled nursing and assisted living providers, as well as supporting products, solutions and technologies, Transcend helps clients reframe their value, connect to the right audiences and grow to their true potential.

For more information, contact:
Emily Zarecki; emily@transcend-strategy.com