Inside the “Why” of Family Senior Care Decisions

Transcend Insights Research
2022 State of the Consumer

When Transcend asked families what they thought about in-home and facility-based senior care, they had a lot to say. For starters, our 2022 national consumer survey reveals that the shift in preference toward senior care in the home, which accelerated at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has not slowed down. But that’s far from the only barrier long-term care facilities face.

Inside, we get into the good, the bad and the ugly of what consumers really think about senior care in both environments, and the key emotional drivers that steer their decision making. The report examines the contrasting perspectives of respondents who indicated preference for in-home and in-facility care for their loved ones, and ultimately what all providers can emphasize to strengthen trust and confidence in the services they offer.

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What’s Inside: 

  • Actionable insights for growing self-referrals
  • Key barriers to facility care and how to overcome them
  • What’s driving home care preference and how to maximize the opportunity
  • How to disarm the negativity bias that might keep families from the right choices