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We believe people deserve the best care to live their most fulfilling lives.

We’re on a mission to make Fortune 500 practices accessible to growth-minded home care companies, so everyone – regardless of race, gender, identity, orientation, income or geography – has access to the best possible care to live their most fulfilling lives.

We’re always on the lookout for like-minded experts in design thinking, human resources, change management and innovation. Full-time and freelance applicants welcome.

This work is our mission, our calling and our heart for people.


GENUINE: We say what we mean, do what we say and treat others as we’d want to be treated.

CURIOUS: We’re never done learning, exploring or trying to find a better way.

COLLABORATIVE: We’re stronger as a team – at our best when we unite our collective wisdom.

COURAGEOUS: We take chances, speak truth and advocate for what’s right – even when it’s uncomfortable.

ALL IN: We’re devoted to helping our clients and teammates grow and achieve their full potential.

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Alex - Design Lead

Alex Hall

Creative Director
With an inquisitive mind and extensive design expertise, Alex is constantly exploring new ways to help clients tell their story in visually powerful ways. He knows good design doesn’t just look good, it works hard to achieve results.

Courtney Penn

Courtney Penn

Senior Client Advisor
Courtney’s background includes leadership roles at hospice and private duty agencies, as well as marketing for one of the nation’s most effective state associations. Her extensive home care experience makes her a passionate and potent advocate for helping her clients grow.

Dan - Data Analyst

Dan Johnston

Data Analyst
Dan’s expertise in mathematics and statistics – honed over 20+ years as both an analyst and educator – perfectly align for his role as our number-crunching data guru. He maintains Transcend’s vast pool of proprietary data, helping us and our clients leverage it for key insights.

Jenny - Partner & CFO

Jenny Plumadore 

PartnerChief Financial Officer
With a relentless work ethic and a background that includes service in the U.S. Air Force, Jenny’s attention to detail and appreciation for discipline keeps Transcend on the financial straight and narrow. 

portrait of woman with arms crossed, looking at camera

Jordan Dockery

Manager of Digital Strategy & Client Services
Organizations and brands thrive on superb internal and external communications. Jordan excels at both. She brings expertise in a range of skills, including digital marketing and analytics, social media, M&A communications, capital campaigns and staff engagement – all shaped by experience in the home care and hospice space.

Woman with arms crossed smiling at the camera

Nicole McCann-Davis

Senior Client Advisor & Research Director
Nicole offers a wealth of expertise gained from the home care and corporate worlds. She helps our clients benefit from her direct provider experience, research skills and strategic planning acumen honed by years involved in value-based care, health equity work and healthcare/pharma marketing.

Mary - Support Services Director

Mary Feasel

Support Services Lead
As both Transcend’s production expert and lead proofreader, Mary is crucial to Transcend’s quality assurance. A stickler for accuracy and consistency, she makessureour work, and yours, is doneexactlyright. 

Shannon - Project Coordinator

Shannon Minoske

Project Manager
Success often boils down to the details. Luckily for us, Shannon puts her precise organization and meticulous planning to work to help Transcend and our clients succeed. As project manager, she ensures projects stay on track, on target and on time. 

Stan Massey

Stan Massey

Senior Partner
Stan’s 20 years experience building home care brands brings an immeasurable wealth of insights proven to increase referrals, elevate quality, improve patient experience and boost revenue.

Stephanie Johnston - CEO

Stephanie Johnston

Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie’s philosophy, and leadership style, focuses on strengthening home care organizations through cohesive business strategy that unifies communications, HR, operations, financial and quality improvement.

Mid 40's man standing in gray sweater with hands in pockets, smirking at camera

Tony Kudner

Chief Strategy Officer
A problem-solver at heart, Tony loves supporting clients with fresh ideas and clear thinking. He believes every challenge has a solution and loves developing strategy at the intersection of marketing, operations, policy and employee engagement.

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