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Our First Steps diagnostic approach is the next step toward charting your roadmap to success. You’ll gain the value of our two decades of proven experience empowering senior care organizations to grow. With our database of more than 20,000 family healthcare decision maker interviews and impactful work with more than 50 senior care organizations across the country, we can uncover the keys to growing your organization like no one else can.

Uncover key strategic insights to strengthen communication, culture and operations

We customize First Steps to your needs, tailoring it to address the areas where you want to grow the most. Combining a performance assessment with immersive one-on-one engagement with your team, we uncover insights and opportunities to improve referrals, patient experience, brand, staff retention and culture, digital performance and more. Then we present a robust, often eye-opening, strategic report that includes impactful yet straightforward steps you can take to grow to your true potential. 

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Audit, analysis and benchmarking 

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High energy, interactive sessions with your team 

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Presentation of observations, insights, performance benchmarks and roadmap 

Uncover blind spots in your service experience cycle 

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By diagnosing your organization, market and audiences through the lens of Transcend’s extensive industry expertise and benchmarks, we identify key opportunities in your service experience cycle – from growing awareness, to improving patient experience, and ultimately developing loyal advocates.

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Let us know some of the top pain points you’d like us to help you solve. Areas we’ve helped other clients with include retention, referrals, brand, COVID-19 management, internal communication, change management and many others.