The Transcend GRO™ Assessment

We help your organization get ready to grow by analyzing performance relative to 40 attributes across four dimensions of your agency. Our methodology is rooted in our real-world home care experience, proprietary market research and emerging best practices.

By reviewing data and reports, conducting deep-dive interviews with your staff, and analyzing your competitive landscape, Transcend produces an organization-specific scorecard to help guide your leadership team to a deep understanding of how to sustainably grow your business and market share.

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Transcend GRO Assessment

You may be a good fit for the GRO Assessment if:

  • You need a clear picture to inform a new strategic plan
  • You’re losing market share or growth is stagnant
  • You plan on future service line diversification or are contemplating a merger or acquisition
  • You need an outside perspective on what to prioritize first


Market & Performance Assessment

Data Analysis

We review multiple data points and reports to inform growth readiness.

Branding & Messaging

Virtual & In-Person Interviews

We interview a cross-functional group of staff to get the story behind the data.


Landscape Analysis

We analyze your competitive landscape to determine how to best position your unique differentiators.

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Recommendations & Roadmap

We’ll provide you with candid and honest feedback about your strengths and opportunities and offer up a roadmap of solutions that give you options for engagement based upon the value you need.

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We’ve grown, just as you promised.”

 Darcy Dye Bowers, Marketing Director, Transitions LifeCare