How COVID-19 Has Impacted Home Health & Hospice


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Transcend Strategy Group recently surveyed 1,000 family caregivers across the nation to gauge how COVID-19 has affected their perceptions of senior care. New opportunities exist to Reframe, Connect and Grow with this vital audience. 


in-home care: key findings
65% agree

COVID-19 has completely changed their opinions about the best way to care for aging seniors. 

60% are more confident

that quality care can be provided at home.

62% agree

telehealth provides an attractive alternative and families say they’re more likely to use telehealth in the future.

Recommended Actions

Families have a newly intensified preference for in-home care.

Educate families about your deep expertise in providing care at home.

Share this data with referrers to reframe how their patients prefer in-home care.


in-home care: key findings
Families twice as likely

(78% vs. 40%) to be confident in quality of in-home care if they’re confident they’ll receive open, honest communication.

28% have used

video conferencing or telehealth in place of in-person visit by care providers.

50% less likely

or “definitely won’t use” in-facility care.

Recommended Actions

Communicate frequently and consistently to educate families on how you’re providing quality care at home with minimized risk.

Innovate to communicate in new ways, especially with telehealth and remote care tools. 

Develop a robust telehealth strategy for more consistent connections and efficient care. 


in-home care: key findings
Chart Icon

The magnified preference for in-home care sets the stage for growth in multiple ways. 

increase revenue 100 to 400%

Home-based care providers who applied Transcend’s strategies have experienced increases in topline revenue of 100 to 400% during the first three years alone. 

Recommended Actions

To increase referrals, seize the moment to educate families and healthcare professionals about your in-home care expertise and best practices.

If you’ve been considering adding home-based service lines, the time to act is NOW.

Partner with providers who don’t offer in-home care to be that bridge for their patients at home.

in-home care vs in-facility care

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