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Hospitalist Referral Research

As hospitals continue to be more closely scrutinized based on lengths of stay, readmissions and total cost of care, senior care providers are poised for tremendous opportunity. The door is open to deliver even greater value to area hospitals and solidify long-lasting referral partnerships. Act now so you don’t lose this opportunity to other providers.

Transcend Strategy Group conducted a nationwide survey to give greater insight into the needs and expectations of hospitalists. While many providers focus heavily on hospital discharge planners, strategies to grow census should expand relationship-building efforts to this vital audience. In fact, nearly half of the physicians and nurse practitioners surveyed said they see it as their role to make the referral – and they usually recommend their preferred provider instead of giving a list or deferring to hospital staff.

Learn more about how hospitalist expectations have evolved and what you can do to secure your spot at the top of their list. 

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  • What hospitalists value most from referral partners 
  • How they choose providers
  • How priorities differ by hospitals 
  • Unique factors affecting hospice, palliative care and home health agencies
  • Actionable insights for strengthening your hospitalist relationships