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GRO Summit - Leveraging your growth opportunities
The Mini GRO assessment

Take the Mini-GRO Assessment!

We hope you enjoyed the GRO Summit! As an attendee, you have access to the content for a limited time using the same link you used to join the live event or by clicking here.

Now that you have a better understanding of how Transcend thinks about “GRO” as a concept, we invite you to take a Mini-GRO Assessment to see where your organization stacks up when it comes to growth readiness. Once you receive the results via email, we invite you to have a conversation with one of our experts to help define the growth opportunities that lie before you. The Mini-GRO is a smaller online version of our proprietary GRO Assessment, Transcend’s tool to help you unlock immediate value and sharpen your path to sustainable growth.

Get Expert Advice!

As a GRO Summit attendee, you are invited to join our free, private LinkedIn Group to continue the conversation. For a limited time, the group will be actively monitored by Transcend experts who will provide answers to your marketing and sales questions. This group will also serve as a way to network and connect with peers in the industry who have a unique understanding of the challenges you face. (Please do not share any proprietary information that you want kept confidential.)

To join, connect with Courtney Penn on LinkedIn, or send her an email and she will send you an invitation!

GRO Summit Linked In Group
Transcend GRO Assessment

Transcend’s GRO Assessment: An Actionable Roadmap for Your Organization

At Transcend, we believe in putting strategy before tactics. Smart growth in home care starts with a larger holistic understanding of the state of an organization across multiple areas of their operations. In our experience, sustainable growth doesn’t come from a marketing campaign or a new piece of sales collateral. It starts with orienting your entire agency towards expansion.

Enter the GRO Assessment.

  1. Each engagement with Transcend begins with the GRO Assessment, GRO Scorecard and GRO Roadmap. During the GRO Assessment, we look deeply into your organization and assess five key areas that can affect your ability to grow and sustain market share. We also look at online presence and conduct a high-level competitor analysis.
  2. The GRO Assessment culminates with a scorecard and set of recommendations to guide your growth. It contains an actionable roadmap based on your unique circumstances that your organization can immediately use to prepare for future growth.
  3. The GRO Assessment will also contain customized options for engagement and support. In close consultation with your organization, Transcend can activate recommendations on an agreed-upon timeline and budget that is managed by a dedicated client advisor and supported by numerous experts on Transcend’s team.
  4. You will always receive honest answers and recommendations from our team. Two of our company values require us to be both collaborative and courageous. We look for work where we can have open conversations together. In our experience, being ‘’yes men’’ or telling clients only what they hope to hear rarely leads to smart, long-term growth.
  5. As the landscape for home-based care has evolved, so has our firm. We have expanded our expertise and competencies beyond branding and marketing, and we are supporting clients who are ready for growth in a variety of areas, including sales, employee engagement, strategic planning, research, payer and referrer strategies, and more.