Thriving in Change: A Roadmap for Sustainable Growth in Home and Hospice Care

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Home and hospice care leaders are facing significant challenges – increased M&A activity, staff scarcity, value-based care and regulatory scrutiny. In this shifting landscape, quality care and word-of-mouth reputation alone can’t ensure survival. Larger entrants and policymakers are diverting patients and revenue much earlier in the care process. To thrive, you need a strong value proposition for payers, employees and, critically, patients and families.

Our insights report provides research-backed strategies for a sustainable future built on a diverse referral mix. This includes insights to improve self-referrals, which we’ve seen consistently yield increased revenue and length of stay, while lowering staff burnout.

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  • Actionable recommendations to tackle external challenges in the coming years
  • Key strategies to diversify your referral mix and build a foundation for the future
  • Insights for resonating with caregivers, expanding your patient base and improving care outcomes
  • Vital details on the unique habits, profiles and motivations of caregivers