How COVID-19 Has Impacted Senior Care Facilities


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Transcend Strategy Group recently surveyed 1,000 family caregivers across the nation to gauge how COVID-19 has affected their perceptions of senior care. New opportunities exist to Reframe, Connect and Grow with this vital audience. 


your value, services and benefits to rebuild families’ lost trust in facilities.

in-facility care: key findings
65% agree

COVID-19 has completely changed their opinions about the best way to care for aging seniors. 

68% don't agree

quality care can be provided in facilities. 

78% are concerned

about their loved one catching COVID-19 in a facility.

Recommended Actions

Admit any mistakes your agency made during the early stages of the pandemic and describe all corrective actions you’ve taken. 

Educate families about your ongoing quality care and social activities with COVID-19 precautions in place. 

Continually update families on your measures to minimize risk of COVID-19 and the status of cases in your facility. 


 to patient and family perspectives and satisfy their desire for effective communications

in-facility care: key findings
90% are satisfied

with the quality of a facility’s medical care if they’re happy with the quality of communication.

70% likely to believe

their loved one is getting better care in a facility if they are satisfied with access to information about the resident’s condition.

52% believe

their loved one is safer in a facility if the staff demonstrates compassion when the family can’t visit.

Recommended Actions

Communicate frequently and consistently to educate families on how you’re providing quality care overall and how their loved one is doing.

Innovate to communicate in new ways, especially with telehealth and remote care tools, to help families regularly monitor their loved one’s condition.

Train your staff to demonstrate compassion and develop methods such as video chats or window visits to connect families with their loved one.


by tailoring your messages and targeting prospects more likely to choose facility-based care.

in-facility care: key findings
67 to 76%

have a higher satisfaction with care and communication if they have a loved one already living at a facility.

anti home care icon

When in-home care isn’t an option, educate families on why your facility is the best choice for care and communication.

Target icon

Target referrers who typically care for higher acuity patients and educate them on how your facility and team are best suited for their needs.

Recommended Actions

Seek and promote testimonials from satisfied families to endorse the quality of care and quality of life at your facility.

Develop more robust “remote marketing” tools – such as video tours, online chats with your admissions team and lifestyle videos – to promote your benefits to families without visits.

Utilize tools such as Account-Based Marketing to laser-focus relevant digital messages to your most promising referral prospects. Contact Stephanie Johnston for more details.

in-home care vs in-facility care

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