As we prepare for the rollout of the new COVID-19 vaccines, providers are already getting requests from patients and families for vaccinated caregivers. We were curious how strongly people felt about their providers being vaccinated, so we did a quick survey. Turns out, people feel very strongly about this.

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Survey Respondents

About the Survey

Digital survey fielded on Thursday, Dec. 3


BY AGE: 35 to 44 = 53%  45 to 54 = 22%   > 54  = 25%

BY GENDER: Female = 54%  Male = 46%

Survey Findings

65% of all respondents said a provider’s COVID-19 vaccine status will have “some” or “significant” impact on their willingness to receive care.

35% – Significant impact

30% – Some impact

19% – Little impact

16% – No impact

Survey Findings

Younger respondents’ decisions were somewhat more influenced by whether a provider is vaccinated.

> 54 years old


said it would impact their decision
45-54 years old


said it would impact their decision
35-44 years old


said it would impact their decision

Survey Findings

Midwest respondents were 20% more likely than the national average to say a provider’s vaccination status would have NO effect on their willingness to get care.

Survey Findings

Men are far more concerned about vaccine status. They were nearly two times as likely to say a provider’s COVID-19 vaccine status would “significantly impact” their willingness to receive care (46% of men vs. 26% of women). 

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