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Sales in home-based care shouldn’t be a dirty word. Transcend helps agencies cultivate a meaningful and distinctive value proposition as the cornerstone of a robust sales strategy.

We help build custom sales functions that are driven by measurable performance and accountability, while being ethical and mission-aligned.

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Just like individualized plans of care, a B2B home-based care sales strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all. Sending your sales teams to one-day trainings or seminars can’t drive meaningful change. A true sales function is integrated into your admissions process and fully aligned at the leadership level.

Transcend partners with our clients to help with talent assessments, metrics development, process and protocol mapping, and data-driven sales plans. We develop ongoing cadences for sales education and performance check-ins to adapt to changing market conditions.

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Problems we’re hired to solve:

  • Lack of outcome data on sales performance
  • Unfamiliarity with healthcare sales best practices
  • Inefficient or counterproductive sales organizational design
  • Unhealthy tension between sales and admissions teams
  • Lack of metrics and sales goals/plans to drive sales activities


Branding & Messaging

Talent Assessment & Coaching

We help develop goal-focused coaching plans for your sales staff with actionable steps for their growth.

Market & Performance Assessment

Sales Data Strategy

We facilitate the development of critical dashboards that allow you to meet your sales goals and manage your referral mix for sustainability.

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C-Suite Stakeholder Mapping

To prepare for value-based care, we help your leadership team develop a plan for C-suite-to-C-suite relationship development with those who may steer referrals and opportunities in the years to come.

Referral Generation Program

Refining Your Data-Driven Value Proposition

We help develop and refine scorecards and contextualize outcome data so you can have productive conversations with those who can determine where not just the next referral goes, but the next 100.

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