Closing the Satisfaction Gap in Senior Care’s Workforce

Transcend Insights Research
Transcend Strategy Group in partnership with MAC Legacy
Senior Work Force Research

As the greatest challenge to virtually all healthcare providers, workforce shortages can threaten to compromise quality, overburden existing staff and greatly reduce revenue because of inability to meet business demand. Transcend has found that on average being short a single employee can cost senior care providers approximately $83K/year in revenue opportunity – not to mention the cost to replace employees.

To help providers better navigate the complex challenge of ongoing employee recruitment and retention, Transcend and MAC Legacy have partnered together to conduct a 2022 national healthcare workforce study. Inside our report, you’ll find a deeper understanding of what builds employee satisfaction and motivation, and the most important factors to ensuring a passionate, engaged and purpose-driven team.

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What’s Inside: 

  • What matters most to senior care employees
  • Today’s most critical satisfaction gaps
  • What employers misunderstand about employee expectations
  • Key barriers that deter employees from entering home-based healthcare careers
  • The best ways to reframe senior care and combat burnout