End the Losing Battle for Self-Referrals

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Senior care providers who pair a clear understanding of what families and patients want with a relentless focus on reaching these audiences directly are rewarded for their effort. Big time. Transcend Strategy Group has seen clients who take this approach increase self-referrals and grow revenue by 100 to 400 percent.

 The problem is most agencies overlook or underestimate the potential of going straight to the family, or they try to connect with them but run into common pitfalls.

Transcend has been helping clients understand the awareness, attitudes and needs of this vital audience for two decades. In that time, we’ve collected more than 25,000 surveys of family healthcare decision makers from more than 40 markets across the nation. Our latest research report takes a deep dive into this wealth of data to highlight the common themes and challenges that most all hospice agencies face and the key actions they can take to drive significant preference directly from the patient and family.

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  • Six key insights we’ve gained from 20 years of senior care surveys
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