GRO Summit Will Focus on Using Data to Grow Your Home Care Business

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As a leader or manager of a home healthcare organization, do you feel stuck in bringing significant growth to your business? Do you struggle to create a smart strategy that will shake up your status quo and spark meaningful change?

On March 19 and 20, Transcend Strategy Group is leading a two-day virtual conference that can be just the catalyst you need. We call it the GRO™ Summit because it’s uniting experts in the home care and hospice space to help you analyze your Growth Readiness Opportunities – and give you distinct instructions and tools to capitalize in your market.

For now, this article will give you a sneak peek at topic areas and an overview of the conference. Content of the GRO Summit centers on a common theme – You can and should be using data more effectively to shape your strategy and measure your performance.

Sessions of the GRO Summit will cover collecting, curating and using data to achieve these vital marketing and sales goals:

  • Know your audiences. The most crucial part of connecting with your key audiences is understanding what they value. And what’s the best way to make these discoveries? Ask them! Different audiences prioritize different values. In our sessions, we’ll discuss effective ways to survey audiences in your market as well as glean insights from our own research with these targets:
    1. Referral partners and prospects. What are the priorities of crucial referral sources, such as physicians, hospital discharge planners and social workers? What data will encourage them to change established referral habits and consider referring to your organization … or referring earlier and more often? We’ll take a look at data that makes a difference.
    2. Family healthcare decision makers. During the past 20-plus years, Transcend has surveyed more than 30,000 family healthcare decision makers regarding home care and care providers for serious illness. We’ll share some top-level insights about what this audience knows, prioritizes … and doesn’t know, but should.
    3. What data are payers really looking for? What would make your organization an attractive member to be included in a managed care plan or ACO? Our kickoff session on March 19 features experts from United/Optum … the nation’s largest payer. A separate session further explores proving your value to payers with a special guest expert from Acclivity Health.
    4. Employees and potential recruits. As your business grows, you’ll need staffing to keep pace. Recruitment and retention are still major issues for many home care providers in a highly competitive field. We’ll discuss data from national surveys to instruct how your organization’s culture, mission and employee value proposition can attract and keep top talent.
  • Prove you provide what your audiences value. Most home care providers we know aren’t fully utilizing their EMR system’s capabilities to mine as much meaningful data as they should. What outcomes should you be monitoring and measuring? How do your outcomes compare to your competitors? What pain points are your referrers facing where you can show improvement and value? In addition to measuring and reporting your clinical outcomes, how are you measuring the performance of your liaison/sales team? Sessions at the GRO Summit will provide a fresh mindset to monitor and measure what’s truly valuable to your partners, your patients and your business.
  • Pinpoint highly relevant messages to your audiences. After you’ve curated and packaged your data, how do you deliver the relevant messages to each audience with precision? The GRO Summit includes a deep dive into digital marketing and advertising strategies that create detailed audience profiles with online behavioral data and empowers tactics to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Another session even details how to structure your website so when marketing and advertising elements drive clients and prospects there, visitors will easily find the information they’re looking for and have a positive online experience with your brand.

There’s one more attractive data point – the price. Attending the GRO Summit offers a significant value compared to similar seminars. Especially when you consider the entire conference is focused on the unique needs of home care and hospice providers. One- and two-day pricing options are available. For registrants, recordings of sessions will be available for a limited time after the conference.

So don’t delay! Get more session details and register now for the GRO Summit. It may be the smartest investment you make this year.

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