Meet the Caregivers: The Personas Behind the Research

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Thriving in Change

Transcend’s latest research gives a deep understanding of the challenges caregivers face. It’s rich on data and insights your program can use to develop more community referrals as a part of your overall patient mix.

These insights can help your program set your strategic direction and gain a competitive edge. However, data-heavy research like this may feel a step removed from the day-to-day rigor of providing care in the home. With that in mind, Transcend wanted to take things one step further and develop some case studies of the caregivers this research represents and examples of the struggles they face.

Use the interactive content below to see three examples of our research and what they mean for helping your organization thrive in these times of change.

Maria, Raul and Patricia are joined by tens of millions of other Americans in their role of caring for a spouse, parent or other loved one needing care. Collectively, they provide over $600 billion in unpaid care each year. Home care providers of all types are intimately familiar with these individuals and their challenges. Transcend hopes to arm our colleagues in the home care community with the strategy and insights to provide better care that’s more aligned with the goals and desires of those that they support.

If your agency is struggling to thrive in the current climate of disruption, Transcend can likely help. We’ve helped hundreds of home care agencies of all sizes tackle some of their biggest challenges. Reach out to us at and let’s start a conversation.

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